With nine years of experience, the MHR brand was founded by two brothers whose work was initially focused on the sofa area and is today a growing brand that appears on the market as a symbol of trust, delivery, preserving the pride of its products.

This is, therefore, a company based on a family structure, but which today recognizes a notable presence in terms, not only national, but also in the international context.

The identifiable growth is also due to a perfectly organized structure, based on design and production, as well as its commercial and financial aspects that arise from the work of a motivated and tireless team.

MHR is now committed to evolving more and more, betting on adapting to new trends and market demands, participating in national and international fairs, certifying the professionalism of its work and its products.

Thus, MHR is currently the first choice of many customers who value the accuracy, commitment and punctuality of the brand.

If MHR started selling its products in isolation, today we can find care with the work in detail of the environment of a bedroom or living room, whose accessories are now also ensured by the brand.

The concern with the client is not put aside in the whole process, it is for him that all the hard work is destined and it is he who follows the entire work process of MHR.

It is also for this reason that with each product you will find a certificate of authenticity. Buying MHR is buying life guarantees, making sure that you always buy the brand’s accompaniment to the customer.